Some Bodies to Love

Whether you get warm and fuzzy at the thought of heart-shaped chocolates and bouquets of roses, or write off Valentine’s day as a Hallmark holiday, that time of year is here. It’s time to break out the heart sprinkled gift-wrap:

There’s not a lot that makes us swoon more than hearing a proposal of love. And who does a proposal better than Mr. Darcy? (Hint: No one.)

Let’s be honest – This is adorable.


A couple sweet and simple reminders of a special day:


Let’s not be ashamed to admit, some of us will be spending Valentine’s day snuggled with our furry four-pawed companions. A little something for them:


For those of us flying solo, don’t forget to treat yourself with a delicious box of macarons from Pistacia Vera on February 14th!

Nous vous coeur!


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