Watching Yourself

Video taping yourself reading your work or giving a presentation could give you an edge when being considered to speak or read at an event.

One of the neat things about Paging Columbus is that all the readings are video-recorded by Hannah Stephenson and then posted on the Paging Columbus You Tube account and the Paging Columbus Facebook page shortly after the event. This means readers and speakers have a video of themselves reading their work/speaking in front of an audience that they can link to on their online profiles, blogs, or send to events they are interested in speaking at.

Public Speaking is the number one fear in America and before asking someone to speak publicly organizations and event coordinators want to know that person isn’t going to pass out when going up in front of an audience. Even if a writer’s work is divine and pure gold the writer needs to make sure they can present their work for all it’s worth in front of listeners – and an event planner will feel better knowing in advance the presentation will go smoothly.

Public Speaking Statistic: 1
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